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Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc. Best Practices in Conveyor Relationships

Hytrol Technology CenterThe historical perspective of conveying is easy to grasp. Automated product movement is a well-established, easily understood concept. It is so familiar and normative that many in the material handling sector consider conveyance technology little more than a commodity. However, this is a wild oversimplification. Conveyor solutions are developed from dynamic and complex challenges which require safe, ergonomic, tested and proven products, developed by creative people with a focus on lean manufacturing continuous process improvement. Getting all of this right requires a set of best practices to ensure that each critical element works seamlessly with the other elements. Hytrol has perfected these interdisciplinary relationships to ensure that your project is a success.

The Testing Element

Hytrol Production FacilityDesigning an automated conveyance system on paper lacks the kind of rigorous testing needed to ensure that post-installation the solution works the way it was designed and intended. Few organizations have an internal testing system. In their Jonesboro, Arkansas Technology Center, Hytrol installed a test system allowing customers and integration partners to fully test products prior to implementation. This unique resource provides a level of confidence and reassurance to customers. All issues and workability concerns are addressed before conveyors are on your plant floor.

The People Element

Designing and manufacturing for major companies all over the world, it is clear that Hytrol conveyor systems are some of the most advanced in the material handling industry. More than 700 dedicated employees consider themselves a member of the Hytrol family. It is a cultural context that evaporates the notion that these conveyors are a commodity. The products and services represent personal integrity and dynamic lean thinking.

The Partner Integration Element

Matt Farris, Director of Business Development at Hytrol remarked:

“Our integration partners are experts at managing the total project with best-of-breed software and equipment. They go beyond just selling equipment and explain how our system solutions can improve your methods. They work hard to develop a deep understanding of each customer’s business in order to recommend the right solution every time.”

An integration partner can be on a job site at a moment’s notice. They work with you to make sure that you understand the system. Strong integration partners integrate conveyor technology with other technology to fit your needs. Local integration partners know local codes and they understand local law providing conveyor. They are familiar with customers in their area; they are your neighbors. The real relationship is at a local level, which makes them accessible anytime you need them. From concept to implementation the integration partner network is a unique business model that allows heightened customer service.

The Lean Element

Hytrol Technology CenterLean manufacturing is a comprehensive approach to preserving value, from concept to completion. It is infinite and ever evolving. Chris Glenn, Hytrol's Vice President of Manufacturing and Engineering Operations emphasizes the importance of lean manufacturing and urges,

“Lean principles are at the core of everything we do here at Hytrol. It’s a unique way of thinking, a philosophy built on efficiency that offers the most value to our customer.” 

Integrating Best Practices

The most important thing about fulfilling a customer’s needs is the total solution. Putting all of the technologies together with the correct controls and the applications ensures a total system and promises that the implementation goes smoothly with integration partners. The concept of conveyance is easy to grasp; the execution of great conveyor systems indeed rests with centers of excellence, supported by comprehensive testing, knowledgeable partners, and creative and passionate people.

The conveyor culture modeled at Hytrol illustrates the dynamic requirements of manufacturing best practices. This conveyor culture creates a collaborative experience among the manufacturer, the integration partner and you.

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