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Hytrol and CEMAHelp You Make Conveyor Safety A Priority

As with any mechanical and electrical device, conveyors can present some safety concerns. Since conveyors have many moving parts, anyone working with or around them should be well versed in conveyor safety. Listed below are the standard CEMA (Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association) Safety Rules for Package Conveyors.

Hytrol is committed to manufacturing quality conveying equipment, always with an emphasis on safety. A CEMA safety sheet with these warnings and precautions is included with each and every conveyor shipped from Hytrol’s plant.

We've provided links below to order FREE copies of the safety posters for your facility from Hytrol as well as links to order safety labels for your equipment from CEMA.

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Do Not Climb, Sit, Stand, Walk, Ride or Touch the Conveyor At Any Time Not following this very important conveyor safety rule can possibly lead to injury. It is imperative that workers never climb, sit, stand, walk, ride, or even touch the conveyor at any time. Do Not Perform Maintenance on Conveyor Until Electrical, Air, Hydraulic and Gravity Energy Sources Have Been Locked Out or Blocked It is just plain common sense to follow this rule. Do not perform any maintenance on conveyor until electrical, air, hydraulic, and gravity energy sources have been locked out or blocked.
Operate Equipment Only With All Approved Covers and Guards in Place Guards have been incorporated into the design of conveyors for a reason. Therefore, operate conveying equipment only with all approved covers and guards in place. Do Not Load A Stopped Conveyor or Overload a Running Conveyor To prevent overheating of the conveyor drive, workers should not load a stopped conveyor or overload a running conveyor.
Ensure That All Personnel Are Clear of Equipment Before Starting Workers should always insure that all personnel are clear of all conveyor equipment before starting. Many times, factories install warning horns to alert workers that the conveyors are about to become active. Allow Only Authorized Personnel To Operate Or Maintain Material Handling Equipment Only workers who have been trained should be permitted to operate and perform maintenance on conveying equipment. This is not only for safety reasons, but to insure conveyor is properly maintained.
Do Not Modify or Misuse Conveyor Controls Conveyor controls are not just on/off switches, but include any kind of electronic or mechanical devices used during conveyor operation. These controls should never be modified or misused. Keep Clothing, Body Parts and Hair Away From Conveyors It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to keep clear of conveying equipment while it is in operation. Workers should keep clothing, hair and all body parts away from conveyors.
Remove Trash, Paperwork, and Other Debris Only When Power Is Locked Out and Tagged Out It is important that the environment around operating conveyors be kept clean and as free of dirt, oil, etc. as possible to insure that equipment continues to operate efficiently. However, all trash, debris, paperwork, etc. should only be removed when power is locked and tagged out. Ensure That ALL Controls and Pull Cords  are Visible and Accessible In case a conveyor or conveyor system needs to be stopped suddenly, all controls and pull cords should be plainly visible and accessible.
Know The Location and Function of All Stop and Start Controls By the same token, workers should be familiar with and know the location of all stop and start controls. Controls should always be plainly marked or labled to avoid any confusion. Report All Unsafe Conditions. Jams Should Be Cleared ONLY BY Authorized, Trained Personnel Untrained employees should not try to clear jams but should report these to authorized, trained personnel. All unsafe conditions should also be likewise reported to proper authorities.
While these safety rules are deemed the most obvious and important by CEMA, each employee should be alert to any other potential safety concerns while working with or around conveying equipment. Any issues should be promptly reported and resolved to insure workers are performing their tasks in a safe enviroment.
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