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Hytrol Controls Bring Value To Your Operation

Hytrol Controls Bring Value To Your Operation

  • User-friendly Interface - Route, sort or change in an instant
  • Seamless Integration - Modular design fits new or existing systems
  • 24-Hour Support - We understand your need for minimal downtime
  • System Specialization - World wide installed base

Controls specialists build and completely wire all panels
You can't go wrong with Hytrol's Controls package. In addition to the complete pre-engineered software that guides the customer's product through all phases of sorting, Hytrol engineers design, build and wire all electrical panels. They insure that all sortation systems will be "GO" when the button is pushed and the sortation system begins to function. Hytrol also supplies up to 5 days "on-site" for commissioning your sortation controls package.

Sortation Controls

ProLogix Sorter Control

Controls all devices on Hytrol sorters - induction, tracking, sorting, confirmation photo eyes, etc. ProLogix Sorter Control
  • Sorts products to the correct sortation lane
  • Ensures consistent monitoring and safe operation of equipment
  • Consistent performance quality for all Hytrol sortation solutions
  • Quick & easy setup
  • Versatile technology to fit most configurations
  • Controls all Hytrol sorters

GapLogix Gapper Control

Optimizes performance of sortation system by reducing wasted space between large products.GapLogix Gapper Control
  • Standard control package designed for Hytrol's Gapper
  • Sets a specific gap or pitch independent from product length
  • Allows for quick and easy customization of controls
  • Up and running a short time after installation
  • Consistent performance quality
  • Used to feed sorters, weigh scales, print apply machines, and other type equipment

ZipLogix Combiner Control

Maximizes throughput where 2 to 1, 3 to 1, & 4 to 1 combiners zipper product to a single line. ZipLogix Combiner Control
  • Sets a nominal gap independent from product length
  • Allows for quick and easy customization of the control's reaction to your product
  • All configuration can be accomplished via the convenient touch-screen interface on the panel door
  • Consistent performance quality
  • Autosenses number of lanes
  • Self-diagnostic, easy troubleshooting

Plug-N-Go Cabling System

Quicker, less expensive and more trouble free startup than conventional wiring. Plug-N-Go Cabling System
  • Use with standard controls
  • Advantages of network controls with the reliability of "hard-wired" solutions
  • Inputs & outputs simply plug into strategically located distribution blocks along the sorter
  • Distribution blocks plug into the sorter control panel via "home run" cables
  • Quick installation
  • Reduces field wiring costs
Controls Application
An example of Hytrol sortation controls in action The world's largest bookseller, a Fortune 500 company, operates approximately 800 stores in 50 states in addition to extensive Internet sales. The logistics of timely store replenishment and rapid, accurate fulfillment of Internet orders presents an enormous challenge at this level of business. Virtually all aspects of the distribution process are automated. Tracking labels are generated and automatically applied to cartons at receiving. Multiple sortation systems deliver inventory to storage and picking locations. Batch picking is directed by RF interface and routed through zones by scanner directed diverters. Book orders are simultaneously assembled from each picking batch by tilt tray sorters. The distribution center houses over 1 million book titles in quantities ranging from multiple trailer loads of popular titles to one or two volumes of very obscure books. Accordingly, inventory storage media varies from high-rise, narrow aisle pallet rack to flowrack and finally to acres of multi-level shelving. Click here to read the complete article »

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