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Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc. Rugged & Durable Pallet Handling Conveyor
Watch The Video: Pallet Handling Conveyor Test Loop

Test Loop Showcases Hytrol's Pallet Handling Conveyor Versatility

  • Hytrol's heavy duty chain roller conveyors are ideal for palletizing & shrink wrapping operations.

  • Positive drive & durable rollers help meet the demands for large loads such as appliances and drums.

  • Preferred choice for oily & dusty environments as well as bottling & steel industries.

  • Drag chain conveyors provide the perfect solution for a conveying surface with inconsistencies - they are available in multi-strand configurations ideal for slip sheets, pallet runners that run perpendicular to flow or footed pallets.

  • Advanced pallet handling conveyors seamlessly integrate with the EZLogic® zero-pressure accumulation system making staging, merging & sorting areas easier to control.

  • Featured in the test loop is a heavy duty motor rotated turntable with a capacity up to 4,000 lbs. and a pivot cart which offers 90° rotation while helping maintain a flexible floor plan.

  • Transfer Cart helps you effortlessly move product from one conveyor line to another.

  • Roller Transfer provides a 90° change in pallet flow & uses pneumatic lift with load capacity of up to 3,000 lbs.

  • Custom control capabilities with CompactLogix Controller - a touch screen software control solution with ethernet I/O blocks to reduce time required for field wiring, virtually eliminating correct wiring issues.

  • Flexible Standard Solutions - custom solutions allow to completely & efficiently outfit your system.

Call Atlas Equipment at 858-455-5800 today to see how Hytrol products can benefit your system!

Model Capacity Overall Widths Non-
Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor - Traditional Pallet Handling Conveyors
Chain Driven Live Roller Medium Duty
Chain Driven Live Roller
250 lbs/ft Up to 42" 199-CRR No
Heavy Duty
Chain Driven Live Roller
1000 lbs/ft Up to 70" 25-CRR 25-CREZD
Heavy Duty
Chain Driven Live Roller
2000 lbs/ft Up to 70" 36-CRRH 36-CREZD
Drag Chain Conveyor - For Pallets, Slip Sheets & Transfer Areas
Drag Chain Conveyor Heavy Duty 2 Strand Drag Chain #60 Chain 6000 lbs/ft Up to 49" DC-60 DCEZ-60
Heavy Duty 3 Strand Drag Chain #80 Chain 6000 lbs/ft Up to 104" DC-83 DCEZ-83
Mat Top Belt Conveyor - For Items That Are Difficult To Convey
Mat Top Belt Conveyor Heavy Duty Mat Top Belt 2000 lbs/ft Up to 76" No PLEZD
Application Focus: Manufacturer of Exerior Door Components

Manufacturer of Exterior Door ComponentsA manufacturer of exterior door components experienced improved flow of product, better ergonomics and elimination of shipping damage claims after installation of a Hytrol pallet handling conveyor system.

Objectives were to organize the work areas with a safe, ergonomic system which could handle any carton pack order or load and provide a continuous flow of materials. The system needed to be designed so that forklifts could be eliminated in the workcell areas. All of these objectives were met and actually exceeded as the system began operating and other benefits were realized.

Workers pack boxes with product in several packing stations, then push the boxes onto the 190-ACC. At the discharge end, a worker uses an overhead vacuum lift to load the boxes onto pallets. When pallets are loaded, they are manually pushed onto the Hytrol DC-60 drag chain conveyor. The worker then engages a foot operated switch and the pallets are conveyed down the line to a Hytrol 36-CRRH Chain-Driven conveyor. After passing through the wrapper, pallets are moved to shipping by a Hytrol Model 25-LREZ heavy-duty accumulating conveyor.

Call Atlas Equipment at 858-455-5800 today to see how Hytrol products can benefit your system!

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